Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunday Currently

Linking up this evening-
Reading: Nothing. I have been on the hunt for an easy, fun Summer read. Suggestions?
Writing: A lot more these days. I went through a long period of not writing, mostly because I was so busy with school and Mama duties. But now, it feels nice to have things slowed down and write.
Listening: Amos Lee- Flower
Thinking: How lucky I am to have found my Best Friend in my Husband. These past few days he has really been there for me.
Smelling : Tropical Fruit Medley Candle. Mmmmm.
Wishing: To find direction in my life career wise. Yes, guys-this is still a constant boggle in my mind.
Hoping: To be able to move into a bigger house someday soon. I can hardly breathe in this condo anymore. Probably won't happen for a few years though.
Wearing: Sweats and a cut off tee.
Loving: Josh and Levi. They make my heart so full.
Wanting: A relaxed vacation, just the three of us.
Needing: Some motivation to get my butt running again.
Feeling: Happy Josh took this weekend off and we actually got to do normal things as a family again such as sleeping in and morning cuddles with Levi AND Josh, eating breakfast together, brushing our teeth at the same time, doing dishes together. Since Josh has been working so much, I feel like its me and Levi all day, and my conversations are with a 20 month old and sound like: More. Milk. No. Stop. Don't. Night Night. Book. Play. Circle. Yucky. Night Night. I go a little stir crazy sometimes. Wouldn't change it though. I love being with him every second, and watching him hit the stage of just repeating every thing you say, running, laughing, being sneaky. Its pure joy.

This post made me want to go wake up my boys and snuggle together.


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