Friday, June 21, 2013

& He thinks we're just fishin'

Yesterday, I was feeling blah. Or shall we say I was really just soaking up Levi's nap time by laying under the covers by myself. It was one of those days where you don't want to do anything. Then Josh texted me and said, "I'm leaving work early, throw on some old clothes and pack up Levi." I'm like uh, okay. You're ruining my master plan of sleeping all evening, and pretending I have something to be depressed about.

So I threw on some old cut offs, cut off t-shirt, and flip flops. Packed up my sweet boy, who was still asleep and waited for Josh to get home.Once he was here, he kissed me and said "Sorry", mostly cause we got in a little fight earlier, which is probably why I felt like I could lay in bed all evening.

Then we were off. Back roads, feet on the dashboard, Eric Church playing, and Summer wind in our hair. It was perfect.
Then we parked and walked through the woods to "our spot." Our spot was ours before little ole Levi came about, and we love it here.

But our spot had dead fish everywhere! So freaking nasty. I've never seen dead fish, literally with their guts out. Sorry, TMI. But I don't want to sound like a baby freaking out over nothing. So we headed to another spot, where we got the line in a few times. Josh bough a REAL fishing pole. Not the ones with the button like I'm used to. Took some getting used to. & Levi ate rocks pretty much the whole time :)

All the while, I took lots of pictures. (Trying to learn the ins and outs of my camera, so I put some tips to use-Still having trouble catching motion with my Canon-50mm 1.8)

Happy Friday Ya'll!

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