Friday, June 28, 2013

Keep the Earth Below my Feet

Let me learn from where I have been
Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn
-Mumford and Sons

I keep looking at old pictures today. SO lets have a little Flashback Friday post. Is that lame? Probably. 

& we can end with this hottie. ow ow.

That's all I got for today. That was easy enough. Happy Friday ya'll!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Days

July is almost here you guys. What the heck? This Summer is pretty much flying by and I haven't even gotten a sweet tan or my toes in the sand yet.
Maddie is here for the Summer, we picked her up yesterday in Cleveland. I am excited that Levi is old enough to really enjoy her and play with her. Last Summer he was too little to really play with her.
Already he is just cracking up and full of giggles around her. He burst into tears when she went upstairs last night, he wanted to go up after her- (which the baby gate was up, so he couldn't) I was like um, dude she will be right back down!
He also burst into tears when I was paying attention to Maddie and not him.
This Summer will be challenging to say the least. Keeping a toddler busy and an 8 year old busy-all the while they both have completely different interests, AH!

Levi lately has been so Mommy crazy. He won't want anyone else to hold him, he only hugs me-although he gives kisses to everyone! I remember working in the toddler room at church years ago, and those kids would ball their eyes out when their parent's dropped them off. I remember thinking wow, my kid won't be like that.  He will be sociable, not clingy etc etc.

Well. Levi is starting to head into that toddler phase where Mommy only matters. I love it. But at the same time, its a little ridiculous when I run out to the car and he is balling with daddy next to him. I hope he outgrows it soon! He warms up pretty fast which is good. But strangers are not to touch him, or Mommy. :)

I really need to get some fresh produce like today.
But I did make a YUMMY fresh juice. It is my favorite so far. It was so good I stopped half way and realized I forgot to get a picture!

The Strawberries tasted SO yummy, and you couldn't taste the spinach juice at all. Next time I will add more spinach, and maybe some peaches, or pineapple to this. The cucumbers always give it an extra refreshing taste. 

So not much on the agenda today since its been dreary. Maddie made a friend with neighbor's daughter who is her age, and Levi is napping like a CHAMP. 

Finally finished up scheduling for Fall Semester. The Special Education Major sucks in one way so far. Everything is SO structured. So for me to be Full time and only take what I'm allowed to take so far, I have to sign up for extra electives to fill the gap. Sucks. I officially apply for the major in September. And I can't wait to just breeze through it and be interested in what I'm studying. The pre-major courses are okay, but way too general.
2 years left once I'm in the Major. I'm not going to rant about how freaking annoying this is-And I've been in school since 2007 and la la la. I'm just going to focus on the fact that I've found an amazing advisor, and I am appreciative I have the opportunity to be in school, with a son and this soon shall pass :) 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Refreshment-The Right Way

Got my Juicer in the mail today. I was way too excited, and Levi had just gone down for a nap, so I got right to work! I have been concocting recipes in my head for months and couldn't wait to try them out.
The first one I chose to make, was a MelonApp Ice Cooler, mostly because its freaking 90 degrees out! (And that's all I had left in the refrigerator) It was very, very refreshing and was the perfect treat. All produce I use is 100% organic and its a comfort knowing that my juice is healthy, no additives, or sugars, just pure, fresh juice. Levi loved it too! There is no way I, and especially Levi can physically chew enough fruit and veggies in a day that one glass of fresh juice holds. :)

Try substituting a fresh juice such as the Melonapp Ice Cooler for a candy bar, or a piece of cake. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and your body will thank you for it!
Keep an eye out for the next Summery juice.

Monday, June 24, 2013

a list of good things.

Getting this prompt idea from Bridget. I love her blog, and well sometimes Mondays leave your mind thoughtless, and you need an idea when you have writer's block.

This post is important to me today because I've been set on serious mode these days and trying to think and plan too much. I need to sit back for a minute and write a list of good things and focus on that for a while.

1. Levi being healthy, happy and the best little boy in the world. He is learning at his own pace, and lately he's decided he's going to be a little chatter box, repeating everything we say (to the best of his little toddler ability) He is such a Mama's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way. He needs me, he loves me unconditionally, and is such a goofy, funny boy already. He lifts my spirits, reminds me to cherish the little things like looking out the window on a rainy afternoon, smiling at a puppy walking by, giggling at the simplest things, enjoying the sunshine, and cuddle every chance you get. I love being home with him all day because we have these moments together where my heart could literally burst with love. A lot of times we go to the park and head to the field with a few swings. I like the back of the park because no one is usually there. Just Levi and I, long grass, shaded areas where the sun peeks in. These moments are my favorite. We are outside enjoying nature, no TV, no distractions, nothing but us. I see him exploring and learning with what God has naturally provided us. He always gets excited when he sees a flower and smells it. He then runs to me, wraps his arms around me and hugs me so tight. Its like he is so happy to be sharing this moment with me, and if only he knew how happy I am to just be in his presence.

2. A Husband who throughout the arguments, disagreements, annoyances, he finds the good in our marriage and focuses on that. He brings me back down to reality. He understands me. He encourages me, and he is just down right there for me. We are nowhere near perfect, and sometimes we fall under a monotonous routine where we overlook the importance of being us, and taking time out for date nights and time to talk. But early in the morning when he's off to work I say a little prayer that he makes it there safely, and I know I will miss him all day. I get excited when 5pm rolls around, because I know he will walk through the door shortly and we can share the evening together. There is no one I would rather spend my days with and raise our babies with than him.
This is a really old photo, but I just love it.

3. I am thankful to know God. Not as much as I can, (working on this) but I am thankful to have my faith, and no one can take it away. Through hard times I turn to God to pull me through. In happy times I praise God and thank Him tremendously for blessing my life. In times where I feel direction-less I turn to Him for guidance. Knowing him I feel at ease navigating through this crazy world.

4. The knowledge of Nutrition. This sounds silly, I know. But I think there are so many people out there who just have no clue. Or they think they do. Because this used to be me. There are so many benefits of knowing what you feed yourself. (Food should be viewed as medicine for your body) I am no saint here, ya'll. I still crave things, I don't do everything 100% like I should. But I try, and I use the knowledge I have to be healthy and keep my family healthy. I encourage everyone especially those who are mommies to research the foods you are buying, learn about pesticides, the Dirty Dozen List, how to Shop Organic on a Budget, and why you should buy your meat and dairy organic- ESPECIALLY when feeding your little ones. (If you want more links let me know!)

5. The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Stop laughing. This is real life! I love this show, Josh loves it, we look forward to it every Sunday night. Its freaking hilarious and who cares if its trash TV.

6. Summer. Lord knows those winter blues get me every year. Now that Summer is officially here, I'm soaking it all in. The sunshine-knowing my son and I get plenty of natural Vitamin D is a great feeling, the smell of the pool, the flowers blooming, birds chirping, watermelon, iced coffee, (Iced cappuccino from Tim Hortons ya'll-one major downfall I have like I mentioned earlier.) Reggae, back roads with my boys with no destination, being barefoot outside soaking in the natural minerals from the ground, and patio/deck time. The list could go on.

7. My education. Sometimes I stress out because I am so over school its not even funny. I question if my career path is the right one. I am thankful for the opportunity to go to school and get a degree. 2 years left ya'll.

After focusing on a list of good things, my life doesn't seem so bad anymore. I obtain everything I need to be successful and happy. Focus on the good in your lives today. Cause we all know Mondays need it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sunday Currently

Linking up this evening-
Reading: Nothing. I have been on the hunt for an easy, fun Summer read. Suggestions?
Writing: A lot more these days. I went through a long period of not writing, mostly because I was so busy with school and Mama duties. But now, it feels nice to have things slowed down and write.
Listening: Amos Lee- Flower
Thinking: How lucky I am to have found my Best Friend in my Husband. These past few days he has really been there for me.
Smelling : Tropical Fruit Medley Candle. Mmmmm.
Wishing: To find direction in my life career wise. Yes, guys-this is still a constant boggle in my mind.
Hoping: To be able to move into a bigger house someday soon. I can hardly breathe in this condo anymore. Probably won't happen for a few years though.
Wearing: Sweats and a cut off tee.
Loving: Josh and Levi. They make my heart so full.
Wanting: A relaxed vacation, just the three of us.
Needing: Some motivation to get my butt running again.
Feeling: Happy Josh took this weekend off and we actually got to do normal things as a family again such as sleeping in and morning cuddles with Levi AND Josh, eating breakfast together, brushing our teeth at the same time, doing dishes together. Since Josh has been working so much, I feel like its me and Levi all day, and my conversations are with a 20 month old and sound like: More. Milk. No. Stop. Don't. Night Night. Book. Play. Circle. Yucky. Night Night. I go a little stir crazy sometimes. Wouldn't change it though. I love being with him every second, and watching him hit the stage of just repeating every thing you say, running, laughing, being sneaky. Its pure joy.

This post made me want to go wake up my boys and snuggle together.