Saturday, July 19, 2014

38.4 Weeks!

Here I am. 38.4 weeks, with my due date approaching very quickly! I won't go into the details of how I'm feeling because how does every pregnant woman feel at this stage of pregnancy, 29 pounds heavier, in this Summer heat? All I will say is the second time around you feel every.little.ounce of being pregnant. The kicks are stronger, the emotions higher, the sleep more sleepless, the Braxton Hicks more painful, the urge to pee more intense, the days more exhausting. All that being said, I do feel pretty good overall.

Josh and I made a huge life change a few weeks ago, so that made time go by faster I will have to say. We were presented with an opportunity that came with it positives and negatives, and as an expectant Mama I was up all night debating it. We had people interested in renting our condo at a price that we couldn't really pass up. The question was, do we rent somewhere, buy something else? Well Josh's Mom-who has a rather large house, with an upstairs area that includes two bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and a loft area- offered to let us move in to save for a down payment, pay off debts/ student loans etc. Well. I was very on the fence. I mean I have a two year old, and a newborn on the way. We've done this before while we were waiting to close on our condo. I actually brought Levi home here for two weeks until we moved into our own place. It is very ironic to be back here, and bringing another baby to this very house. But I know logistically it will set us up to be financially ready to buy a house and will allow me to not use student loans this year. So we packed up our condo and within 4 days moved to my Mother in Law's. Call me crazy. I am. We do have everything set up and ready to go, so I'm just going with the flow and hoping for the best! God bless my Mother in Law who is so selfless and extremely helpful! And cooks yummy dinners! ;)

As far as Lily goes, at my last appointment, she wasn't "engaged" yet which was a huge bummer. I know a lot can change in a week, so I've been trying to keep up my walking, sitting on an exercise ball and saying a lot of prayers :) I basically have until 40 weeks to show progression and hopefully have this baby, because the chances of having a successful VBAC after 40 weeks drops a ton. I am still hopeful that I will avoid a C-Section, but I can't make Lily do anything. So in the meantime I am just doing what I can and trusting she will arrive into this world the way God intends. I have my 39 week appointment Monday, the Midwife will try and work a little magic, and let me know if I am dilated at all. In the meantime, you can find me doing figure 8's on my exercise ball! :)

It still feels incredibly surreal to me that I am having another baby. I felt this way with Levi too. I mean sometimes it feels like I will just be pregnant forever. Levi is showing signs of knowing what is about to happen, although who really knows how much he understands. I am excited to give him a baby sister and I know he will jump right into the big brother role with ease. That kid is resilient.

Its nice having Maddie here. She keeps Levi entertained and always laughing. It also gives me a break every now and then! She is a great Big Sister.

We did manage to get some maternity/ family pictures, and even though it was blazing hot and Levi was not cooperative we got some good ones!


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