Friday, February 7, 2014

My pregnancy thus far...

Let me start off by saying that I look and feel pregnant physically, but mentally my mind has not grasped it completely. I am over the moon ecstatic to build our family. I've always wanted lots of kids and a big family and this is just such a happy time for Josh and I. Its nice that this babe was planned, although not expected so fast after only two months of trying-but, at least this time I wasn't balling and freaking out like I did with Levi--TOTAL SURPRISE--But I am still finding it hard to believe I will have two babies. I haven't had a newborn in two years, and its safe to say, I am feeling the nerves of another new baby already!

I am about 15 weeks pregnant, and feeling every bit of it and more. I never knew it was possible to look 28 weeks pregnant, have back pains, have trouble getting comfortable, needing to buy maternity pants this early on. It is crazy to me that this time around can be so different. I am having similar cravings as I did with Levi such as a bowl of Cheerios, Chipotle, spaghetti, clementines, hummus, cheese and orange juice. Other than the cravings, everything else in this pregnancy thus far has been very different than my first time around.

I am feeling anxious knowing I will have to share my time and attention with another babe. Levi has always had my attention when he needed it, my love, my hugs and kisses. I've been his playmate all day, his storyteller, his singer, his eating buddy since he was born. And I get a sad feeling wondering how he will be affected. When Levi was born I never knew what that kind of love meant or felt like, and he literally had all my love once he was here(despite his daddy). I've talked to Moms who have two kids and they tell me its completely natural when you have the new babe to love them as much as you love the first. I definitely believe this. But just like it was very surreal to me before Levi was here, that he would actually be mine and be in my arms, this time around seems just as surreal. Two babies will have all my love. And somehow, naturally, my heart will continue to grow when it seems like it can't grow anymore. I do know that Levi will be an amazing big brother, and he will adjust. My heart gets so warm and full thinking about Levi having another sibling to  share a room with, a bond so special with, and the memories they will make together. Its another first for  my little family and I am embracing this journey with a full heart.

Josh and I are exploring options within our living space. Here in this good ole' condo that will probably be home for another year or two, please don't say three. Levi and the new babe will have to share a room, as we only have two bedrooms, but we're going to make it work.

We are trying to transition Levi now into a toddler bed, so that by the time the babe comes we won't have any surprises. Transition probably isn't a good word, considering we cut out the crib cold turkey.

With everything we've transitioned, we've always done it cold turkey. The bottle, we cut that out without weaning him off. The binkie, we cut that without any notice. Everything we've done seems to have worked very well with Levi's temperament so we thought we should do the same with the bed. Although Levi could still have many months in that crib (He still has never tried to climb out), and its easier for us...I want him to be ready and comfortable when the babe comes. I don't want to have any new changes than what we will already have.

Levi has transitioned amazing to the new toddler bed. He's always been a good sleeper. As a newborn the kid slept 9 hours a night, and has been on an 8-8/8-9 sleeping schedule since he was a few months old. But I could almost have promised that this bed would be a free for all for him and that would change.

 So far, I lay him down at 8, read a story and sing him a song. We say prayers, kiss his animals and I tell him to close his eyes (and he actually takes his hand and closes his eyes, its the cutest). He  shuffles for about 20 minutes then is out cold. He then comes strolling in our room, around 6am, blankie and giraffe in tow, and runs up to my side of the bed saying "HI!!!" pretty loudly. Instead of putting him in bed with us to cuddle and get back to sleep (which we tried the first night and only made it worse,- my fault for putting him in his crib as a NB), I walked him straight to his room, tucked him in and said night night. He literally fell back asleep until 8:30 a.m. I mean this kid amazes me. He is so easy going, and laid back.

Nap time is another story though. I have to go in his room at least 6 times and remind him to lay down and sleep. Normally in the crib he would be out like a light in 10 minutes. I have taken all the toys out of his room so he's not distracted. He literally found a way to play with his 2 animals and blankets. He kept taking them off the bed, folding them, kissing them, then putting them back on the bed and repeat. Haha. I finally went in and took his 2 animals away and he cried because he wanted his puppy. :( I felt bad. But it worked.


Its important to me to take time to write about my pregnancy so far. Its hard to focus on this pregnancy with school, and chasing Levi all day. But I will make a definite effort to give this baby a few moments a day, as much as I can to just breathe and relish in the fact that God has blessed us with another addition!