Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My barefoot, blue eyed baby

My little man was my date yesterday on me and Josh's anniversary. Josh worked all day and so I took my blue eyed baby to Highbanks to explore. This hat would not stay on. It was either the wind blowing it away, or Levi's need to throw it on the ground. My kid does not like hats or shoes. He fought me on the shoes and finally I gave in. 
Levi's hair is my weakness. I know we should cut it so he's not walking around like a little mullet baby, but its just gorgeous. The longer it gets, the more curls start bouncing and I can't get enough of it. The curls are more towards the back where a mullet may or may not be forming. :) 
We played a lot of hide and seek around the picnic tables. Levi is still not walking, so he is most comfortable cruising around things he can grab onto. Hence us staying close to the picnic tables.
I found you Mom!
Levi was infatuated with these flowers and wanted to keep putting them on my head. Yeah, that's his new thing. Putting objects on people's heads. :)

Levi wanted to be in the grass at all times. He liked to pick up the sticks and the flowers and was in his own little world. I love, love how much he enjoys the outdoors.
Such a boy :)
Definitely got the Cosgrove butt and height :) Love it! Oh, isn't that jumper to die for? 

Those feet.
That was our Tuesday, and my Anniversary.
Josh and I will be going to a show at The Basement tonight and are seeing Ivan & Alyosha. Josh found this band all on his own, figured I would like it, sneakily played them for me and realized I actually did like them...then he was too much of a kid and told me our surprise date before our Anniversary. Haha. He's worse than me. So that's our plan tonight.

His work schedule has changed to six 10 hr shifts a week, with Sundays off. BOO. Apparently its temporary, so it should be interesting to see how this plays out. Although, I'm trying to see the positive here. Overtime pay and guaranteed Sundays off so we can now make it to church regularly. Also a little extra money to pay down some debt will definitely be a good thing. 

Oh, and Levi has finally figured out how to put Legos together instead of just pulling them apart. And he is now saying all gone and okay. Its kind of hard to tell, but its easier to understand since he is saying them more consistently!

Time to crank out final preparations.
Happy Wednesday.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two years and its only getting better...

Mr. & Mrs. Two years.

Two years ago I married my sweetheart. 
The wedding was one we planned in a matter of 2 months after we found out we were expecting a little bundle of joy. The long engagement, summer wedding on the beach was immediately put aside and reality took the reigns. After only being engaged for a matter of months and then BAM we're expecting was a lot to take in at first. Morning sickness all day every day, planning the wedding, going to tastings, trying on dresses was a nightmare. Planning this wedding wasn't all i had hoped. But it was important to me to focus on the end result rather than how glamorous I wanted the planning to be. Since l was already planning on marrying Josh before we found out about Levi, it was important to me to tie the knot before Levi came. A lot of factors played into this decision. But mostly, I wanted this day to be about us. Not the stresses of being new parents, and all the financial strain a baby can put on a relationship at first. I wanted our day to be just the two of us, before chaos took over. Selfish or not, I think it was the right decision. Although, looking back, I could have totally planned a wedding with a newborn, because Levi was the easiest baby ever! Ironically enough, after literally puking for 13 weeks straight, the last time I felt sick was early in the morning of our wedding day. After that I was feeling awesome, and morning sickness never crept up again. :)

So we weren't necessarily planning a "first look" until I saw Josh at the park getting his pictures done and I was actually there too, on the other side getting mine done. I saw him from a distance and literally wanted to go and kiss him. At that point the magical, romantical, whimsical, or what have you of him seeing me for the first time down the isle didn't matter. I wanted to see him right away. So this picture is me literally sneaking up behind him in the middle of his session.

This was my favorite moment of the day. It was perfect. 

So the weather. Let's talk about that shall we? It was a gorgeous warm, overcast day. The sun peeked out a few times and I was so hopeful my outdoor wedding in a garden would take place. But low and behold, while we were driving to the ceremony, a downpour made its presence  I mean an all out, branches falling off trees, not being able to see in front of you downpour. I was crushed. As we pulled up I saw all the chairs set up outside and it looked so beautiful with the flowers blooming and the leaves turning green. But unless all my guests wore rainboots and had umbrellas I couldn't expect them to be outside. Although I did think about it. And I almost said forget everyone else, I want to be married outside! I was told that was irrational thinking. So our backup plan was to go inside the reception and move the tables to the side. I didn't have time to double-check all the tables since guests were already arriving so I crossed my fingers, and took a deep breath and reminded myself rain is good luck, so go with it.
 Josh was pretty teary during the whole reception. Let me tell ya, this man rarely expresses his emotion to the public, and rarely to me so I loved every moment of the ceremony and could just look into his eyes and know he loved me so much.
Now me on the other hand, I did not cry. I did not even tear up. My heart was just so happy and I could not stop smiling and being giddy. I couldn't wait to be Mrs. Hicks.

We did it!
This is by far I think, my favorite picture. It is framed in b&w on our mantle now. I just adore the love and honesty that was captured during our first dance.

The father-daughter dance. I love this picture for the same reason I loved the one above. I love my dad so much and I love that this photo captures it. 

Once the rain stopped (which was right after the ceremony, go figure), we went outside and got a few shots. Yes, I wore yellow chucks during the reception :)
Our ceremony was supposed to be under that gazebo. Still bitter. :) 
Through it all, every day really does get a little easier and sweeter. In our first year of marriage, heck even our engagement, we were thrown some curve balls. And we honestly just held onto each other and made it through every hardship or challenge that has come our way. This man is my best friend, my other half and I know he will be there holding my hand when every dream of ours comes true. I may not have cried on my wedding day, but there are many moments when i tear up thinking about how lucky I am to have this man in my life. Not only is he the Husband I cherish, but he is also the Father I could only hope for. He is an all around amazing man and I am so glad God sent him my way. :) With every day we grow closer and closer as one and I can only pray that this continues through our life together.