Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter BUNNIES.

My blog received a makeover! This is the most laid back Easter I've ever had. My parents are in SC, Josh's Mom is in AL, and my sisters are all working. Oh, and Josh works a 12 today. I've literally been having a lazy day. Its kind of nice actually. :) The sun is starting to come out, thankfully. 
OH.. & Happy Easter BUNNIES :)

I was also looking through pictures from Easter last year, and it was Levi's 6 month birthday. Then I decided to create a collage today mish-mashing the two Easters together. Look how much Levi has changed! Tear. P.S. Levi would not take that bunny out of his mouth for more than a second, or give me a big old "I love bunnies" smile. :) He just kept kissing and hugging it.
I like to do these collages, and even simply a picture for a holiday, or milestone. That way, I can just print it on matte paper and put it in the scrapbook. Its a lot easier that way to document a moment, rather than go through a million pictures months later looking for that one from Easter, or Valentine's Day etc. 
Happy Easter to everyone! Have a lovely Sunday with your loved ones. Remember what today is about :)