Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Days

July is almost here you guys. What the heck? This Summer is pretty much flying by and I haven't even gotten a sweet tan or my toes in the sand yet.
Maddie is here for the Summer, we picked her up yesterday in Cleveland. I am excited that Levi is old enough to really enjoy her and play with her. Last Summer he was too little to really play with her.
Already he is just cracking up and full of giggles around her. He burst into tears when she went upstairs last night, he wanted to go up after her- (which the baby gate was up, so he couldn't) I was like um, dude she will be right back down!
He also burst into tears when I was paying attention to Maddie and not him.
This Summer will be challenging to say the least. Keeping a toddler busy and an 8 year old busy-all the while they both have completely different interests, AH!

Levi lately has been so Mommy crazy. He won't want anyone else to hold him, he only hugs me-although he gives kisses to everyone! I remember working in the toddler room at church years ago, and those kids would ball their eyes out when their parent's dropped them off. I remember thinking wow, my kid won't be like that.  He will be sociable, not clingy etc etc.

Well. Levi is starting to head into that toddler phase where Mommy only matters. I love it. But at the same time, its a little ridiculous when I run out to the car and he is balling with daddy next to him. I hope he outgrows it soon! He warms up pretty fast which is good. But strangers are not to touch him, or Mommy. :)

I really need to get some fresh produce like today.
But I did make a YUMMY fresh juice. It is my favorite so far. It was so good I stopped half way and realized I forgot to get a picture!

The Strawberries tasted SO yummy, and you couldn't taste the spinach juice at all. Next time I will add more spinach, and maybe some peaches, or pineapple to this. The cucumbers always give it an extra refreshing taste. 

So not much on the agenda today since its been dreary. Maddie made a friend with neighbor's daughter who is her age, and Levi is napping like a CHAMP. 

Finally finished up scheduling for Fall Semester. The Special Education Major sucks in one way so far. Everything is SO structured. So for me to be Full time and only take what I'm allowed to take so far, I have to sign up for extra electives to fill the gap. Sucks. I officially apply for the major in September. And I can't wait to just breeze through it and be interested in what I'm studying. The pre-major courses are okay, but way too general.
2 years left once I'm in the Major. I'm not going to rant about how freaking annoying this is-And I've been in school since 2007 and la la la. I'm just going to focus on the fact that I've found an amazing advisor, and I am appreciative I have the opportunity to be in school, with a son and this soon shall pass :) 
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