Friday, September 13, 2013

Newborn Photos of Baby Giovan.

Recently I had the privilege of taking Newborn Photos for my good friend Abigail and her growing family. I have known this woman since the 4th grade, and throughout the years we have kept in touch. Our lives have changed for the better since being roomies almost 4 years ago. We both found our true loves, married them and started families. We both had boys about 9 months apart, and Abigail beat me to the next one ;) She and Eduardo welcomed Giovan Eduardo Colon to their family a few weeks ago, and the love they have in their home is truly inspiring. Eduardo and Abigail are quite the team juggling a toddler and a newborn, but they do it with such ease. Emilio is also quite the big brother. Shhh-ing in his baby's brother ear, or even jumping on the bed while Giovan is snuggled up! :) Either way, he loves him so much, and you can tell his heart just got bigger. I can't wait to see this family continue to grow and their bond continue to inspire me. Here is a collection of their photos! Enjoy!

And my favorite...

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!
I love you guys.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Their days didn't just go on.(My reflection on 9/11)

I remember being in my Science classroom in 7th grade as I noticed all the teachers whispering and crying, students being asked to come down to the office because their parents were anxiously waiting to take them home. At that age I couldn't really grasp what actually happened. 

It wasn't until I went home and saw the news that I became terrified.

But the days went on.

And soon some of us didn't think about that event anymore until the first anniversary of 9/11.

Our country mourned for the loved ones that were lost by so many. We sang patriotic songs to express the pride we had in being American Citizens. We held memorials for those whose lives were taken.

But the days went on.

Today is the 12th Anniversary of 9/11. Being 24 years old, with a family of my own, this day is strikingly heart breaking for me. What is so blatantly obvious to me now is, the days didn't just go on for those who lost loved ones. Those wives who slept next to Heroes every night, no longer had anyone to keep them warm, or roll over and whisper I love you to. 

Those Husbands who lost their wives, no longer had their best friend, the Mother of their children, and the rock in their family. The days, months and years since this tragedy have not just gone on. Not for those whose lives were shaken up and forever changed that day.

We may post pictures that say 'Never Forget', but we can't just remember on one day of the year. Our prayers need be said every day for those who lost their life because of the evil in this world, and those who died putting a stranger's life before their own. 

Our hearts should break every day for the tragedies in this world, not just on the anniversary that the event took place. My world would be absolutely shattered if I lost my Husband or my Son. My days would never go on. I would struggle every day to live my life. I would have a hole in my heart that could never again be filled. I can't even imagine what living would feel like. 

Tragedies such as 9/11 aren't ones to just sit back and watch videos, listen to documentaries- just one day out of the year, but every day we should be on our knees. On our knees thanking God that we weren't one of those wives or husbands who dramatically left this world. We should praise God that we have not had to experience such a loss that leaves our world in shambles. Instead, think of these people every day. 

Pray for their families on a sunny day, a rainy day, at Christmas time, on a child's birthday, on Mother's Day and Father's Day, on Tuesday not just Sunday.These are the times the families need prayer the most.

 Pray for the kids who are growing up without their Father or Mother. The little boys who don't have someone to teach them how to throw a baseball. Or the little girls who don't have someone to play dress up with. Pray for the Mommies who were expecting, that never got to share the moment of bringing a life into this world with their Husbands.

 Most importantly pray for the people who did this to our country and our loved ones, and pray that maybe, just maybe God can change their hearts and create peace on this Earth. 

Never forget, not just today, but every day.