Saturday, March 16, 2013

We got tattoos-again...

If you can't tell, mine is on the inside of my upper arm-and I actually designed it and went with my own sketch for it. I really wanted Levi and an anchor, but did not want fancy lettering or a gaudy anchor. Is that how you spell gaudy? Whatever. So i wanted something clean, and simple yet wanted it to be difficult to read Levi from afar. I love it, and its already so special to me. This is also my fourth tattoo! Whooo.

Josh's tattoo is of course a ship wheel, on his freaking ELBOW! Yes, my husband is crazy, but he has been wanting an elbow tat forever. It ties in with his navy tat on his upper arm and it looks amazing! I love it so much. Our tattoo artist is da Yeah, I just said that.

In case you're wondering, my font is green because I want Spring. Ohio's weather is very teasing at the moment. Its sunny, then rainy, then snowing, then 70 degrees, then 30. Its crazy! I'm ready for picnics, and flower picking, and flower planting, and walking outside barefoot, and going running without freezing my bum off. This spring should be fun. Last Spring, Levi was still so little-but this year he will be big enough to enjoy the outdoors! He better start walking soon before we won't be going anywhere anymore because I can't hold 26 pounds all day haha. 17 months and still taking his time--that's my baby for ya :)

Can I just be proud of myself for a second? Okay. I don't get to be this proud of myself too often. I am on day 5 of my new "lifestlye" diet plan. Its amazing how much better you feel when you're not on a "diet" and counting calories and carbs etc. I did post a few posts back about cutting my carbs. Let me tell ya something. After a year of trying to lose these last 10 pounds, doing something like that works for like 3 days then you feel lethargic and defeated. Its too hard. Your body needs carbs. Good carbs of course. The past 4 days, i've incorporated whole grains an hour before working out and its AMAZING how much more energy I have. CRAZY I tell ya. I even did 3 miles of cardio. What? Yeah. For the first time in like 3 years. It felt great! I also realized that this whole getting in shape thing is more mental than physical. It was awesome knowing my body wasn't going to fall apart after three miles, but my mind could've told ya different :) Anyway--I feel great. No diet for me. Just eating right, and working out. I did start taking Omega 3-6-9 Complex vitamins twice a day. After reading an article about how IMPORTANT they are for your body i knew i needed to take supplements. They are also essential for fat burning-What? Taking Fatty oils helps burn fat? Yup. Also, I'm taking twice a day "Tropical Thin"-which is all natural supplement of herbs and extracts such as Raspberry Ketones, African Mango, Cinnamon, Green Tea/Black Tea, Kola nut, parsely, etc etc. It basically keeps your metabolism going and promotes fat loss. And its all natural-nothing harmful at all!

Levi has hit a few milestones in the speech field. He said Hi, Head and UP (more clear than the last time i thought he was saying up)..He is also holding things to his ear saying hi, and having conversations. Although he acts shy and won't do it when put on the spot haha. He is a lot more expressive and seems to be understanding more and more lately. Our pedi did say around 18 months it all kind of clicks. But he also did reccommend doing an evaluation at 17 months if he wasn't talking and walking. I don't really agree with it, but i did schedule an appt to see if he even qualifies for "therapy" ughh. He also started reaching and pointing in the last few weeks, which the pedi was also concerned about at his 15 mo appt. I did meet a mom at the park yesterday who's 16 month old wasn't saying words at all and i was relieved. She said her pedi wasn't worried at all. Then I realized maybe I should switch pedi's & why is he giving me such anxiety for Levi not being where the "books" say he should be. Levi is also practically running with his walking toy. Why not let go child? Haha. I think his balance is still a little off-Probably with that buddah belly.

That's it for today. I think I'll go run the steps at Hoover today. Did you know when you work out with an incline you burn up to 45% more fat than a straight, flat surface? CRAZY. Good day loves. Enjoy this St. Patty's Weekend! :)
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