Monday, June 10, 2013

I wanna see you be Brave.

Brave by Sara Bareilles on Grooveshark
Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave

Love this song right now. The lyrics are so motivating and this is on repeat currently.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine consisted of a sisters girls night! Holly walks in my house while CC and I are getting ready, and goes "Whooooo GIRLS NIGHT! Now drink up!" And dead serious, pulls three PBRs out of her purse and puts them in front of us. CC and I were like, ummm we're not drinking that. Haha. Our getting ready process consisted of me begging Candace to straighten my hair, because I HATE doing it. My hair is so thick and I get so annoyed half way through. We changed probably a hundred times and swapped clothes until we were satisfied. We headed to a Festival downtown and it was lots of fun! The only pictures we got were from my phone, so here goes: 

My beautiful twin. She makes me want to dye my dark again.
Candace and I. :)
Our shoes :) Me left, Candace, right.
Holly enjoying her Big Mac hah. Why is she so pretty? / I really want her hair.

I really needed that water the next morning. I had beer, a margarita, another beer and a Jack and Diet-which gave me a big headache the next morning. Candace suggested I try a iced hazelnut macchiato, and WOWza. So delicious. This could be a problem. Maybe I'll configure a healthy version to make at home. Or not. :)

Then of course Levi and I enjoyed our time outside, and getting messy with pasta sauce. :)
 Breakfast outside :) In Halloween PJs. Don't judge.
This kid loves pasta, and especially loves getting it everywhere. When pasta is for dinner, he cleans his whole tray, and then rubs it in his hair-so he is naked. Bath time always follows this, obviously.

Then on Sunday we headed to my parent's house with Nate and Mira to hang at my parent's pool and drank tequila on the rocks with Limes squeezed in. (Healthy Margarita, thanks Aunt Kathleen for the idea!) It tastes better than a marg, not too sweet. Mira and I did get a tequila called Cha-Cha-Cha and its infused with lemon and honey. May be my new favorite! Try it!

I like how you can see both of our Levi tattoos. Josh's says Levi Joshua under there :)
I am overwhelmed yet so excited for a project we're tackling this week! When Josh and I bought this condo everything was painted neutral, pretty hardwoods floors.- We agreed we wouldn't paint/brighten up and spend money on this place since we wouldn't be here longer than 3 years or so. (Starter Home, really)
The only room that really needs a makeover is the finished basement. It has pretty hardwood flooring, but the previous owners wallpapered over ugly brown paneling, (the wallpaper was a burgundy with gold golf clubs)-ew.- which my Hubby decided to paint dark brown over. (Instant Gratification Issues!) Basically we never go down there b/c its so dark and cold. and you can see the paneling through the paint. Ha, you live and learn right?
SO. This week we are tearing down the paneling, wallpaper, and layer of paint and putting up really nice white beadboard to brighten up the space. Then we are painting the top half of the beadboard light, light gray and I will be accenting, with bright colors-probably a lot of aquas, yellows and greens. I have some cool DIY's in store as well for the room! (It involves baby art, Ed Sheeran, and brightening up old frames, antiques etc!)The plan is to make it a playroom for Levi/Hangout room for us that we want to hang out in. That's about 500 sq ft we don't use-and that needs to change-so we can breathe again in our place and make the main floor not a dumping ground for toys. I'm excited to change up this room and make it our own-and since this is the only room we want to put money into, i can't wait! Josh will be working 60 hours this week, so my Mom and I are pretty much doing all of this.
We'll see how it goes!

Happy Mondays loves! I have a lot of work to do!
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