Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Levi and I are settling into a nice routine while I am on Summer Break. He wakes up around 9am, we have breakfast, he giggles through his waffles, and then we play, play, play until nap-time  Its hard keeping a toddler busy-but easier with this gorgeous weather. I try to get Levi outside in the sun as much as possible for some Vitamin D. It does the body so much good. As well as being barefoot-I'll post about the benefits of that later on- :)

Today, I took Levi to the park. Usually we avoid the slides, jungle gym, etc because he's not too sturdy on his feet yet, so we veer towards the swings. Well today I decided to let him explore on his own and gauge how well he maneuvered around. I was shocked. I literally had tears welling in my eyes. Its crazy how a change in surroundings can motivate a little boy. He was walking all over, only taking breaks when he came to some stairs, in which he climbed like a pro! When he tripped and fell, he looked at me, smiled and I helped him up-then off he went! He is so much more controlled on his feet than a few weeks ago. He was so confident, and walked to what interested him the most. Mostly he followed the big kids and just kept laughing at them jumping and hollering to their friends. Levi is almost 20 months old and it is about time he starts getting sturdy on his feet. But its also so bittersweet-there is no turning back. He is going to soar from here, and there is nothing I can do to keep him planted right next to me. I have loved watching him learn and grow from being wobbly holding onto the couch around 13 months, to taking off and walking with a huge smile on his face at 20 months. He has a little way to go but i am beyond proud of him and will keep on encouraging him as much as I can!

This little boy makes me melt, laugh, cry, and best of all-feel like I'm doing a good job as his mama.

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