Monday, June 17, 2013

Country Hot Mess!

I want to make a sweet post-Father's Day post, but I can't get country jam off my brain.
You know why?
Because it was awful. The old days where it was at Germain is complete opposite than the now Country Jam. Ah. I don't know what it was, but it was god awful. Actually I do know what it was. The performers were bad, the atmosphere was bad-except the tailgating. That was about my only highlight, sadly.
It was the trashiest event I've ever been apart of. I'm not saying that because I'm snobby or anything. There were literally parents walking around with their kids pounding beers, while their poor little ones were stuck following them around in a smoke filled, drunk infested environment. There were WAY too many buttcheeks that did not need to be hanging out, and too many guts that needed to be tucked away! It was not what I was expecting, and I would have rathered been home with my boys and save $15.
There were girl fights, old men fights, and just all around brawls.
EX: We were in our car leaving, and the cars were literally jigsawing through the grass. There were no cops directing anything.(Or cops anywhere period.) We were all in a field and it was like a free for all. I was seriously scared for my life. People were bumping into our car, while stumbling by...Banging on our car..etc. A few cars down from us were girls literally jumping out of their cars screaming, about to fight each other, and then poor kids and their parents trying to hover them to safety. I mean, who does that? Acting like this in what is supposed to be a family environment. Then this trashy girl who has like a 10 year old walking next to her, (who was fighting on the lawn earlier), walks by our car window and goes "Car full of bitches!" That really happened guys. I was literally shocked. Like did she really just call us bitches, for sitting in our car? Then CC opened her door, bc she didn't know if it was locked, and the girl turned around like, "Oh, so you're going to get out of your car now?" Like yeah. We're going to come try to fight you. Wow. Like in front of your kid. Can't handle it. Good parenting lady. Josh was the only guy with us and I'm glad he was there.
Don't go to Coutnry Jam ya'll. It was a Country Hot Mess! Never again.
But tailgating was fun and I would do that again.

Candace's dress was super cute. I let her wear my boots, because I looked like I had no legs wearing them with my shorts. I changed a hundred times. Need to start running. Another post for another day.
On a happier note.
Father's Day.
Thank you to the best Husband, and amazing father, for doing all you do. Working long hours to provide for us, losing sleep, waking up early, and then coming home and offering to do the dishes, or give Levi a bath. I love seeing you with Levi when you don't know I'm watching. I love the way you are so gentle with him and kind. I love when you are chasing him upstairs and  then all of a sudden the best Levi giggles can be heard all over the house. I love how you think of the little things for him, such as going out to run errands and coming home with outfits and a toy for Levi, just because. Or teaching him big words like Baseball. He adores you, and I pray he turns out just like you one day. You are wonderful.  We are so very lucky to have you and I hope you know how much we appreciate you!

Also, to my Dad who is an amazing father. You can always make me smile on the crappiest days. You are the kindest, sweetest, hardest working dad I know. You have been through so much in your life, yet you still keep a smile on your face and stay positive. All of the qualities I love most about you, I see reflecting on your relationship with Levi and that makes me so happy! You two will be the best of friends in the years to come. Thanks for always believing in me and being there.

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