Friday, May 24, 2013

Healthiness for my babes.

So ever since Levi started on table foods i've been really aware about what we put into his body. I stay away from processed foods in our household, GMO's, added hormones, antibiotics, pestecides, additives etc. We try to stay away from gluten at least 75% of the time. I don't give Levi sugary juices or empty calorie snacks. There is tons and tons of research linking poor nutrition to rapid disabilities and developmental disorders. A lot of parents choose not to educate themselves not because they can't but simply because they don't know. I didn't know about these things until I became pregnant and was determined to be the healthiest I could be with a growing baby inside me. I am lucky to have an Aunt who is a nutritionist in NY. She is my immediate source for questions, concerns and is always giving me tips to incorportate a clean lifestyle. She has developed an iced coffee drink and a ground Green coffee that is in the process of potentially being sold at Whole Foods.- Yeah she's the real deal. I can't wait to buy her products. I'm trying to convince her to blog. She is amazing at what she does. Shot out to you Aunt Kathleen! As you would say, xo xo xo.

She gave me some advice last weekend when I was expressing anxiety about keeping Levi as clean and toxic free as possible when I can't control everything he is exposed to outside my home.
This was her advice for me:

"Your kids will eat cookies at their Grandmas, at their friends houses, they will be exposed to junk. But all you can do is make your home a sancutary for Levi & that's all you have control over. Life will happen around him, but you are doing your best and he is benefiting extremely because of it. When they get older these habits you've created in your home will carry on with them later in life."

Because of her I know what is best for Levi. I try to educate other mamas that want to listen, and simply stay quiet around those who don't. Thanks Aunt Kathleen for keeping me focused and knowledgable.

Levi's vitamins.
 Mulitvitamins for Levi- Allergen, Gluten, Gelatin & Dairy Free
Children's DHA (Supports Bran and Eye Development)-Nordic Naturals
I've been giving Levi a Spinach and Blueberry smoothie every day from the one I make myself. Sometimes I'll add a frozen banana, or pears. Either way, he gets great nutrition from this and detoxes his liver and it tastes yummy! I only give him 1/4 cup of smoothie and the rest water. He loves it and it makes me feel good he is getting great benefits from it.
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