Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 24 is your top three worst traits.

Alright here we go...

1. I am really bad about assuming other people think/feel a certain way towards me. I come up with some serious scenarios/judgments my friends, family, or people I may not know supposedly think about me and my family. Usually there is a justifiable reason for why I may feel this way, but that doesn't mean they are always thinking something bad about me. One big one lately is since I'm finishing school a little later than other students at OSU, I am usually perceived as a youngster. I am almost 25, have a happy marriage, a beautiful baby, and the moment this information about me all surfaces I get judged right away by 20 year olds. Its almost like I have to defend myself once I say I have a 19 month old. I know I look 18, but I'm not. And there is nothing wrong with an 18 year old having a baby, but I'm not 18. I was married before Levi came along, no it wasn't a shotgun wedding, etc etc. See I'm defending myself now. Ugh. 

2. I put everything off to the last minute and I really believe in some make believe world that everything will fix itself. Like if I don't open a bill, its not there kind of thing. But this has gotten  million times better since the married/mama life. Josh is the opposite. Completely on top of things and I guess that's good because it balances us out. I used to be really bad, and now I'm a lot better with real life responsibilities, but I'm still working on it.

& lastly...

3.  I expect too much. This is a big one. Being married especially, I have high expectations, which is good in a sense-but a lot of the times I feel let down- & its all my fault. I have been working on this. Ya know, you gotta accept your man for who they are, not who you want them to be. My man isn't going to come strolling in the door after a 10 hour shift with lilies in his hand, and a freaking love letter. But this little fairy-tale mind of mine expects that sometimes. But is this fair? No. My Husband works his butt off and instead of expecting things I need to show love to him and do nice things for him. You see, when you hold too high of expectations you let yourself down, and you let your partner down. I've learned over the course of our marriage, to be less expectant, show love rather than expect it, and that's always when I get surprised from my Husband and the love comes back full circle.

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