Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Instead of having sexy ab pictures and affirmations to be motivated, we should be motivated by this woman to the left, get it Grandma. (p.s. look at her "converse"--cute)

While on the treadmill...
I was finding some motivation in my thoughts about how to keep going faster and faster. I upped the incline and speed and averaged my mile to 8 minutes. I know that's not sweet, but for me it is! Anyway, back to this motivation. I kept telling myself, "BIKINI, BIKINI", "Think of all the cute clothes you can wear this summer, when your skinny and tan" haha. But then I look around me,(and at the rec during the day. its pretty much all elders) and they are gettin' it. I thought to myself "wow, they are pretty damn serious". So it kinda clicked in my head that they are pushing through to have a healthy lifestlye--they don't dedicate their mornings in hopes of looking good in a bikini--at least i hope not--errr, i mean more power to them!--But really, i realize that when that is my ultimate goal, i feel pressured and feel like i'm failing, since i'm not there yet. SO, the point of this post being titled perspective, is that our goal to being fit should be to feeling confident in leading a healthy lifestlye, and the nice body that comes with it is a bonus! That already made me feel more motivated and less pressured. It was nice to see the old lady next to me busting her butt, all to be healthy :) (and i couldn't stop until she did--or that would be straight up embarrassing)  My fondest memories of my grandma and grandpa were always surrounded by them exercising: pool, swim class, walking etc. They were in such great shape conidering their age! So if they can do it, so can YOU!
my post work out protein shake was the
who woulda thought they could taste so yummy!
-i've always been scared of hating them.
Happy Wednesday-- xoxo
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