Monday, February 25, 2013

How was everyone's weekend?
Mine was actually pretty relaxing. Even with the knowledge that midterms were coming up, I managed to avoid every reminder email, alarms on my phone telling me to STUDY and don't forget this, and ignoring the post-its in my planner badgering me to stay on top of it so i wouldn't slam myself. Well, it happened. Procrastination got the best of me, as it always does. I managed to lay in bed and watch movies all day Friday. I managed to write down a to-do-list. I managed to not do anything on that list. I also managed to keep the same sweatpants on throughout the weekend, except when i did have to step into public--can't embarrass my hubby now can i? :) It's alright, he had the same sweatpants on all weekend too. We enjoy lazy days and weekends, we aren't ashamed to say we did absoultely nothing.
               Betty Hall made that hat for Levi. How cute!?
 We played a lot.
So if anyone knows about baby weight, they know it is a B****. I find myself in the middle. What i mean by this, is there is a line. One end of the line, you have the moms who 2 days after having a baby have a freaking 6 pack. Then the other end of the line are the moms that it seems like their bodies will never ever be the same. I think i'm in the middle. I definately don't have a 6 pack, but i know with time and consistency, i could have a 6 pack (flat stomach & toned will do). But it also isn't going to just happen-it will only happen by consistency and determination. So that's my goal. Levi is 16 months, and I am annoyed with never feeling comfortable in the clothes I used to wear, and always feeling blah about how I look. (No matter what my Husband says) I am so over it, its not even funny. And for the first time in my life, i have to watch what i ate, and work out consistently. All diets i tried, I failed miserably. And so I decided instead of being annoyed that one day i was skinny and could eat whatever, and now its the opposite, i should embrace it. Why not make a lifestyle change where I feel good about what i'm putting into my body, and feel good about the strength and shaping i gain from excercising...not to mention excercise is a huge stress reliever--and all those endorphins making you feel amazing is a huge plus. I used to loveee running, just for the heck of it. It was such a good feeling knowing i could up and run 3 miles no problem. SO. I have always bought certain foods organic-those that are important (eggs, meat, berries, veggies, dairy) And so i decided instead of pairing that with an occasional pizza or ice cream every week, just stick to the natural healthy foods for all my meals--even desserts. In the next 8 weeks, i plan on reducing my carb intake and only getting my carbs from veggies and an english muffin in the morning, and an occasional protein bar when i'm on the go. After 3 days of this, i already feel less bloated, and i can tell this will lead to long-lasting results. I actually don't mind cutting carbs-the problem is letting yourself get so hungry, because then if you're out on the road, what do you eat? You can't eat a freaking salad while you're driving--so the result is ordering a fry and a sandwich and promising yourself you will run 100 sprints later. sike.
this is what my meals look like throughout the day...
At dinner time i grill chicken usually and pair it with lots of veggies. My favorite is bell peppers with onions and some balsamic dressing over it. I am no chef at all, but it always tastes good and is filling.
My biggest challenge i'm finding is always being prepared. Josh and I need to prepare snacks and dinners ahead of time, because we are so tired at the end of the day, its easy to want to order take out rather than cook. WISH ME LUCK :)

Working out--
I'm doing as much cardio as my heart and body can handle! Haha. But I usually do 20 minutes of running, then 10 minutes speed walking on an incline, then three 50 yard sprints. Then i do Abs with a 6 lb medicine ball for as long as I can and that's about it. Once I get the weight off (or at least the majority) I will incorporate lifting.

Did you know candles are a stress reliever? It's true. At least to me.

Any tips on how to stay encouraged and dedicated to getting fit?
Leave 'em here and follow a cup of Hope--speaking of, i think i could use an afternoon cup of hazelnut. Have a bearable Monday :)
xoxo, Hope

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