Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I was inspired during my study break by Jackie at Nora and Jac to list "This Makes Me Happy". What a quick and easy post to take my mind off studying for a bit.

For me it's the little things...
-acoustic music-my choice today is Mat Kearney
paired with a rainy day, and a hot cup of tea.
-little things: my son's unctrollable giggle, my Husband's warm hugs, the sunshine peeking out after a storm.
-my yellow running shoes
-my camera
-warm weather
-my marriage
-watching my son grow into a little man
-country music
-a good book that i cannot put down
-romantic movies & action flicks
-a quiet breezy morning with my windows open
-driving on the backroads
-love & laughter
-my simple, yet beautiful life

WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? (Thanks for the prompt Jackie)
xoxo, Hope
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