Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our weekend getaway...

Snowshoe Mountain Resort, WV.
This post will be mostly pictures since i've been driving most of the day and don't feel like thinking :)

Josh and I decided for my Spring Break to take a little weekend getaway, just us two, and lots of R & R. I of course was in panic mode over leaving Levi for the first time for three nights, but I actually handled it very well once I said goodbye, then balled my eyes out in the car. He was in good hands. Josh and I decided on spending a weekend at Snowshoe even though we weren't really set on skiing or snowboarding-weird, I know, we go to a Ski Resort with little interest in skiing. But, we were more interested in being somewhere secluded, close enough to home if something happened, and somewhere with a different environment. It was "Spring Break Weekend" at Snowshoe, so there were concerts, contests, parties, and live comedian shows. We kept busy in the village, which was super cute.

 We had a lovely one bedroom apartment in a lodge with a beautiful view. We spent a lot of our time in the bars (we're not alcoholics) haha, we just don't get a lot of oppurtunities to go out and drink with a baby at home. One of our favorite places was called The Junction. They had awesome beer specials & a plus, served them in mason jars-everyone knows how much I love mason jars. :)
We also went horseback riding, which was our favorite by far. It was so relaxing. Josh and I had never been on horses and we were kind of scared when Josh's horse took off and started trotting pretty fast. Then we caught on and were able to enjoy the view through the snowy woods.


Josh's face. That's all I need to sum up our exciting adventure. :)

Then we took lots of pictures of each other, because everyone always had big bulky gloves on, and we felt rude asking them to take a picture knowing they had to take their gloves off.

Seriously. How handsome is my husband. Gah, love him.

Our weekend was just what we needed to rekindle, relax, and just be. We had no set plans, no diapers to change, or dinners to prepare. We really needed this break, and despite my anxieties going into it, it was totally worth it. We decided to do something like this at least once or twice a year at different destinations. Its amazing how refreshed your marriage can feel after a few days away. I reccommend it to all you Mamas out there!

I was so excited to come home and see Levi. I was a little nervous that he would have forgotten me. But once I ran through the door, he started giggling and crawled as fast as he could to me and didn't let go of me the whole night. A wonderful weekend with my Husband and a beautiful little boy to sum it up--can't ask for anything better.

Read me, follow me. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
xoxo: a cup of Hope
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