Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i'm the kinda girl... who...
loves hot, hot bubble baths
loves converse
loves my cowboy boots
loves southern hospitality
loves southern accents (lucky i married a man with one ;) )
reisling and jack & diets are my drinks of choice
loves a summer storm--especially when the lights go out
loves cuddles-from my dad, husband, levi, sisters-you name it. I love a good hug.
loves diet coke-i know, i know, it makes you fat
lovesss coffee. why was this not number 1? I can't live without it
chamomile hot tea before bedtime-its all mental i'm sure, but it helps me sleep
reading a good book in a hammock under a willow tree
My nails are usually always red, or a light, light, natural pink
I usually have a flower in my hair in the summer
Run in yellow running shoes :)
loves taking pictures-even when i had a crappy digital camera i snapped everything
loves being a mom-best.thing.ever. truly a blessing and a gift.
loves country music, singer-songwriter acoustic, reggae, big band. love it all.
loves the color yellow. my next house will have all yellow walls-just watch :)
loves the idea of a big front porch, big yard, lots of room out in the country for my kids to run around barefoot, overalls, bouncing curls and all... (in the next few years hopefully...)
loves organic food. Its your job to advocate good health for your kids and family
loves little kids. mine or a stranger's. i will be besties with a little kid in 5 seconds.
loves sunny days after a long brutal winter. Yes, i consider long brutal winters as cold, dry couple of months.
i do love Christmas-crazy about it. But afterwards, i'm always bummed, then faced with gray ugly days, and i want summer.
loves Jesus, and am dedicated to raising my kids up in a house full of faith and love for Him.
loves my Husband & our story..
loves sitting by a fireplace with my boys snuggling
I would rather sit at home and have a movie night than go out me lame. or a mom.
loves the idea of waking up at 6am going for a good run, having a good breakfast and a cup of coffee, reading a passage or two--all before my boys wake up. But, i never do this. No motivation in the mornings.
loves a good song, or a good movie--that touches me deep down. I usually have these moments on a warm spring morning, when the birds are chirping and its breezy out. Not sure why? Probably because SUMMER is coming.
Speaking of Summer, I love the beach, and sand, and palm trees, and breezy ocean winds, and seagulls and being tan. BUT, i love my Ohio seasons-except winter.
Love FALL. Leaves changing, hoodies, hot cocoa, football, pretty sunsets. love it all.
love being in love actually. Its comforting having your best friend by your side through thick and thin and coming out of everything stronger.
Love wearing yoga pants all day every day--have to admit this started when i became a Mom--but, it makes that much more special when i dress up :)
Love my family-even though they can be too much to handle sometimes, having a big family means you are always surrounded by love :)

What makes you the kinda girl you are? --P.S. Thanks Nora and Jac for this idea.
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***P.S.S.S.- Our good friends are having their baby boy today-well i'm pretty sure they have met him by now & I can't wait to see them. So excited for Evan & Michelle :)

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