Thursday, May 16, 2013

Babies & Textbooks

Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it

Okay I'm late on this whole blog every day in May. I haven't been blogging every day, but i've been reading blogs every day, that counts right? Right.

Something difficult about my "lot in life" right now is this whole being a Mama and finishing my degree right now. Honestly I try not to complain because I do get more time home with Levi than I would working a full time job, and I get to have my family and close friends watch him while I'm in class. That in itself is pretty cool. But at the same time it is really tough. I hate not being able to help provide for my family. Lets be honest if my Hubs was a doctor I would love to stay home with my babes and take on that role, but my Hubs isn't a doctor, and well that's not an option for us. Which is completely fine with me. Its hard to sit back and watch my Husband work tons of overtime to provide for us. He is physically and mentally exhausted. I recently found out I have 2.5 years rather than over a year to finish. Don't get me started about advisors and their inability to provide correct information. I have about had it with inaccurate plans advisors have given me in my schooling.

I did the whole search a hundred jobs online with my partially finished degree and other options to just get out of school and work. Nothing is realistic or long term and would help our family a few years from now. So my husband and I talked and decided welp the best option for us long term is for me to finish my degree and Josh stay at this job until i'm finished. If we have to be tight on money for a few more years, God will provide. My heart hurts because I know what its like to be at a job you hate, and josh hates his job. But what can ya do? He's such a trooper and rarely complains.

I really feel like God has a plan for me to finish my Special Ed Degree and I keep praying the reward is greater in the end. If I can only trust God's plan and have faith in the end product, we can make it through. Instead of focusing on the school debt I keep piling up and the credit card debt and lalalalala I'll be able to push through. I know in the end it will all be worth it. But this point in our life is tough. Its stressful. Its straining. Its not ideal. And its hard with a toddler for real for real.
I'm thankful for my faith, for my supportive husband, family and friends, and the strength to make it to the end. And the end will come. Hopefully sooner than later. 
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