Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines and love and kisses and hugs.

Let me start off with...
Okay, am i biased or is that one cute chunky-cheek baby? I warned you in my first post ;)
So i hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. Single or not. I think Valentine's Day is about love for anyone really. I called my sisters, sent Valentine's to my family, and called my dad to wish him a Happy Valentine's Day.

I had class like every other Thursday, ALL DAY, and before i left i put out Josh's card with his Miranda and Dierks tickets tucked inside. I gave him a kiss before I left and said you have something downstairs, and of course--because he's a little kid,--went down and got it right after I left! He called me right away so excited, seriously his love for Miranda Lambert should be concerning to me haha. Its okay, i love her and Dierks Bentley so i'm just as excited to go tonight!

When I got home, i walked in the door with balloons and a card for Levi! He loved the balloons :) Then i noticed a bouquet of red roses and two cards. Of course one was from Josh--very sweet. But then Levi wrote me one :) I didn't know my Husband has been teaching my 16 month old to write while i'm gone, haha. It was so sweet. I keep allllll of my cards so its cute to have when Levi is older. Josh also got me a cute outfit to wear for the concert, he has some style :)

Then we went to see our friends Michelle and Evan who are about to have their first baby, like any day! We are so excited for them, because it was a journey for them to get to this point, and lets just say, boys are fun! I'm excited for Levi to have a little buddy he can play with, just a few doors down!
Then we went to our other friends' house, Leann and Kevin! She watches Levi for me when i'm at class, so i took Maelynn (their little girl, two weeks older than Levi), and found out they are expecting again! That is so awesome! Now my baby fever will defenitely be covered, and I will continue to wait 3 more year ;) At least until I graduate and have a big girl job! :)

Our night pretty much consisted of ordering Max & Ermas take out and watching an AWFUL movie--Bankok Nights? OMG don't watch it. the beginning is sooooo sad--like child abuse severely..then all of a sudden these kids get rescued by this man who teaches them to levitate? No. Don't watch--we turned it off, poured some wine and played Miranda Lambert. Josh is hoping the Pistol Annies make a debut. 
Levi is in the living room on his belly watching a "baby babble" dvd..I'm trying to get this kid to talk, i know he can--just like walking--he's a little stubborn and does everything on his own time. But i'm thinking the dvd--created by speech pathologists--should help? hmm. we'll see!
I have some studying to do soon and have to head to the mall for some things..then Levi should take a long nap-hopefully for Grandma's sake--and we are off to Miranda Lambert & Dierks Bentley! SOOOOO excited. Seriously Settle for a Slowdown, is like my favorite Dierks old is that really. :)
Have a great day loves!
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