Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My barefoot, blue eyed baby

My little man was my date yesterday on me and Josh's anniversary. Josh worked all day and so I took my blue eyed baby to Highbanks to explore. This hat would not stay on. It was either the wind blowing it away, or Levi's need to throw it on the ground. My kid does not like hats or shoes. He fought me on the shoes and finally I gave in. 
Levi's hair is my weakness. I know we should cut it so he's not walking around like a little mullet baby, but its just gorgeous. The longer it gets, the more curls start bouncing and I can't get enough of it. The curls are more towards the back where a mullet may or may not be forming. :) 
We played a lot of hide and seek around the picnic tables. Levi is still not walking, so he is most comfortable cruising around things he can grab onto. Hence us staying close to the picnic tables.
I found you Mom!
Levi was infatuated with these flowers and wanted to keep putting them on my head. Yeah, that's his new thing. Putting objects on people's heads. :)

Levi wanted to be in the grass at all times. He liked to pick up the sticks and the flowers and was in his own little world. I love, love how much he enjoys the outdoors.
Such a boy :)
Definitely got the Cosgrove butt and height :) Love it! Oh, isn't that jumper to die for? 

Those feet.
That was our Tuesday, and my Anniversary.
Josh and I will be going to a show at The Basement tonight and are seeing Ivan & Alyosha. Josh found this band all on his own, figured I would like it, sneakily played them for me and realized I actually did like them...then he was too much of a kid and told me our surprise date before our Anniversary. Haha. He's worse than me. So that's our plan tonight.

His work schedule has changed to six 10 hr shifts a week, with Sundays off. BOO. Apparently its temporary, so it should be interesting to see how this plays out. Although, I'm trying to see the positive here. Overtime pay and guaranteed Sundays off so we can now make it to church regularly. Also a little extra money to pay down some debt will definitely be a good thing. 

Oh, and Levi has finally figured out how to put Legos together instead of just pulling them apart. And he is now saying all gone and okay. Its kind of hard to tell, but its easier to understand since he is saying them more consistently!

Time to crank out final preparations.
Happy Wednesday.

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