Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunshine Makes Me HAPPY.

TWO days in a row people. Ohio has given us a little hope that those buds will be coming on the trees soon, and little birdies will be by my window chirping away. I love Spring. Its my second favorite season. Mostly because of...
-flowers blooming
-windows down
-windows open in your house
-a time for renewal
-sitting on the back deck and having dinner
-crafts outside
-colorful, EVERYWHERE

Speaking of crafts, I'm thinking of doing an Easter egg decoration craft with Levi today. THINKING. That's the key word. He may just literally eat the egg, with the shell on, when the dye has not dried. Ha ha. I may possibly come up with an alternative craft I've had up my sleeve:) 
Happy Saturday and Easter Weekend all! (Try to remember what its really about :) )

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