Thursday, October 10, 2013

My life Currently-

Involves trying to soak up these Fall days as much as possible, because we all know Winter is about to creep in and make us all depressed, refusing to change out of hoodies and sweatpants. For real though, I always look like a hot mess in the wintertime. But I WILL make an effort to stay in shape throughout this dreadful season, so I don't lose it when it gets warmer and realize I've gained some weight.

I'm trying to get Levi to experience playing in the leaves, bonfires, pumpkin painting, hayrides, all of that before we are cooped up inside for months. He was a little too young later year to really experience activities like that.

I am trying to stay on top of school. Its definitely a lot harder with a toddler than it was with an infant. I thought it would be the opposite, but not at all. He is always wanting FULL ON attention from me, and if I can't give it to him he throws his food on the floor, throws his toys, and will just lay on the floor until I scoop him up. So that's fun. Mom-0 Levi-25

Levi is doing really well in school, considering I sneak out when I drop him off, otherwise he starts balling as if he'll never see me again. It breaks my heart, but with how much he has picked up in his short weeks being there, I know its great for him.

I also decided to name my actual Photography Business, get a logo made, and make a page on Facebook- so people can find me easily and take a look at my photos. This is just a start. I'll be working on more as my portfolio builds!

So if you haven't, go "like" my page and spread the word for available sessions, incentives and more!

That's what my life consists of currently... Pray this beautiful weather sticks around.

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