Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, September 16: Write a public love letter to someone in your life. (It doesn't necessarily need to be romantic.)

I'm a little late on this train, but am jumping on today!

A Public Love Letter...

     Dear Little Man,
I have learned so much in these almost 2 years from you than I have in my almost 25 years of living. 

You taught me what real love is, how to love selflessly, and what it feels like to have my heart feel incredibly full that when you smile at me and say "mama" it may just burst! 

I remember meeting you for the first time and feeling so complete, whole and fulfilled. Who knew I could love someone as much as I loved Daddy at that moment? The love I had for you when I met you on October 8, 2011 was instant, gratifying and I knew my life was changed forever.

You taught me how to be a Mom. A role I always, always knew I would love to have. I've learned how to change a diaper, how to soothe a crying, teething baby, which as a first time mom can be very terrifying! 

I learned that you love to fall asleep with your cheek on mine, and for a while when you were younger that was the only way you would sleep. This made my heart feel like it was going to burst again. The fact that I was the one to sweep you off into your dreams every night was truly a blessing.

I learned that Daddy is truly the only one who can make you laugh the hardest. He can get a giggle out of you that I never could. There is nothing better in this world than watching my Husband and my baby being so happy and connected.

You have taught me patience. You were born with a temperament that is very much your Mommy and Daddy. You are so chill and calm. You have done everything on your own time, and I have gone through your life worrying for a bit, then you always show up, always put my worries at ease. You've taught me to just embrace your chill attitude and maybe be calmer myself, and just live.

You are the light in my life, truly. You can turn any bad day into a good one. You bring perspective to me when I need it most. You know when Mommy wants cuddles and when Mommy just needs a quiet moment. That is why I know you are such a gift to me. You get me, you get Daddy and you are such a joy to be around. 

From your little toes to your squeezable cheeks, I know you like kisses and tickles all over. And I promise to do this every chance I get.

You have taught me that simple moments are the best ones. The ones that my camera misses, the ones that it is just you and I. Moments where you run up to me with a book and demand to sit in my lap while you secretly pinch my arm, then laugh are the best memories. They are small, little moments, but they make up us. 

You teach me to really enjoy a song. The way you drop everything to get up and dance is inspiring. You don't let a good song get by without breaking it down.

You have showed me over this past year that love can grow. You've proven to me that when I think I've loved to my greatest there is always more my heart can grow.

This is my public letter to you my dear Levi.
And as your laughing and making faces at yourself in the stove, I am typing my feelings out to you. Because months will go by before I update your baby book, or think about writing you another letter.

You are my heart, my happiness and my world.
I promise to be the best Mommy to you.
I promise to never let you down.
I promise to always encourage you to smell the flowers, read a good book, watch the sunset, and pray all the time.
And I promise that Daddy and I will be the best examples we can for you.
Love, Mommy

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